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Monday, June 30, 2008

haha finally update this post le.. haha

erM on 21st of June we celebrated Soo sing, adidas geR

aNd Puaysan's birthday.. haha we went for K session...^^

it was a fun and enjoyable and memorable day...

Adidas geR aNd Soo Sing celebrating their 21st birthday

haha... i can say that Ruiwen u are the best.. u put in a lot of

effort into it...^^

OuR two princess... *yum yum* the durian cake was nice..

heRe cOme aNotheR princess... haha.. they look so

sweet aNd beautiful...^^

Haha.. Puaysan how was the relighting candle fun ma..?

heehee... i think u were shocked right..^^ u know la

Anjing were mischievious geRs

cutting cake time..!! ^^

waO we had so many cakes... hahaha


sO nice..^^ Ruiwen cheer for you.. it was well done...

bEst frenz 4eva... their mo qi is the best in the group..

Xiurong aNd soo sing..^^

both cuties haha.. aNd shorties.. kidding kidding don pissed wor..

haha.. Soo Sing aNd Shireen...^^

taken by ourselves... getting more aNd more skillful in
taking pictures..^^

idiot faces.. haha

back to normal again.. aNd not long we leaving k box aNd
went shopping..ahha... aNotheR day had passed...
it passes fast esp when Anjing gather out..^^

Together. 5:09 AM

Thursday, June 12, 2008

heehee... finally update this blog le.. haha.. nothing much..
ouR last aNd recently outIng.. was 31st Of maY..
haha tO celebrate Our Lovely fren Ruiwen bday.. eeee.. haha
it was a Saturday.. haha.. we mEeT oUt fOr dinneR..
sO we meet 6pm at City haLL statIon... Soo Sing & Shireen
both "S" was late.. sO the rest Of the Members went tO the restuarant..
@ City Link calleD Shokudo.. haha... It was a JapaNese Pasta restuarant..
it lOOk quitE speciaL to Us cUz nO One in tHe groUp tried Jap pasta befOre..
sO we Ordered ouR dinneR.. everyOne ordered a Plate Of Pasta aNd we
Shared a Small Pizza... okiE i caN saY tHE Pasta was nOt reallI tat great..
i prefeR tHe nOrmaL Pasta.. haha I tHink tHat daY Soo Sing, Huileng, Xiu Rong aNd
Shireen weNt tO tHat Pasta cafe @ taKa was great.. haha..
It taste well.. haha.. as UsuaL we tOoK photos.. haha

u Know wHo aRe tHey.. haha^^

Left Ruiwen, Puaysan, Xiu rong.. haha Sickening Ruiwen lOOk tried..
aNd hor in tHe bacKgrouNd there was a guy right... hE is damn damn damn
Sickening, rude & nO maNNeR.. wHeneveR he caMe wIth ouR
orders.. He threw the plate.. damn him.. so what he is juz a staff..
if nOt we were celebratinG rUiwen's bday or elsE i will
maKe a fUss out of it.. cuStomer Is always RIGHT.. even tHOugh
hOw unreasonable is tHe cUstomeR..

Puaysan & Xiurong.. haha...

tIme to sINg...~~ llalaala.... tHe cake was so cute.. haha.. aNd Nice,,
althouGh it was quite hard to cut la.. but not bad...gagaga
heRe cOme tHe bIrthdaY geR.. haha...

groUp photo time... oh ya btw Joshua was heRe witH us too.. aNd i donno whY...
aNd our Anjing family photo *cheeSe*
dinneR was dOne was we went Off..

cOuld nOt tHInk Of ani places tO gO... cUz Shireen was too sick to
watcH mOvie.. sO tHe Anjing sit at tHe benches to cHit cHat..
it was Kinda weird.. haha a weird aNd fUnni cHatting place...
Ruiwen candid shot..^^

haha tHey aRe tHe Best PartNer Of aLL.. haha

tHIs picture Puaysan was Kinda of high.. haha.. aNotheR caNdid shot..
Shireen was crazy tHat sHe aNihOw take pictures.. haha.. Ruiwen was cRazy tOO..
Anjing Had neW naME... Soo Sing = swensen, XiuRong = Ericsson, Shireen = Nelson
Ruiwen = Jason, Puaysan = Edison (*haha) aNd Huileng = Nonsense... haha

Together. 6:18 PM









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